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NNR Automates Your Supply Chain

Managing logistics is about capturing information and using it effectively to make good business decisions. Your global logistics provider is in the center of your supply chain and is perfectly positioned to give you the information you need to achieve your objectives. Whether you want to reduce cycle time, improve customer service, lower inventories, or reduce your global logistics costs, technology plays a key role in your success.

NNR has committed to building one the of the most advanced technology platforms in the industry. We continually invest heavily in cutting edge technology to deliver innovative IT solutions to our customers.


PowerNET is NNR's enterprise logistics system. NNR offices all around the world work on PowerNET to handle every facet of the logistics process. PowerNET provides an integrated suite of modules that cover the following business functions: Freight Management, Customer Relationship Management, Financial Management, Warehouse Management, Order Management, Global Logistics Visibility, Supply Chain Event Management, Document Management, and Enterprise Integration.

Using a web-based architecture, PowerNET leverages a single-instance implementation that provides real-time visibility to data. All PowerNET modules were built from the ground up to work together delivering a seamless view of the global supply chain.

Supply Chain Visibility

The PowerNET customer tracking portal is located at . Customers can use this web site to track shipments online, check inventory, and run reports. Additionally NNR offers an extensive array of email alert types in various formats including text, HTML, and PDF.

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